Do I Need WordPress Web Hosting

Do I Need WordPress Web Hosting?

One of the largest tools used in the blogging and web hosting world, WordPress is known as a open source project with a user-friendly interface. Due to these features, WordPress now hosts millions of bloggers and developers that are constantly developing new templates, plugins and widgets to make your site look more polished and professional.

WordPress Webhosting

In order to use to WordPress to it’s full potential, having the best web hosting service you can afford is imperative. Without an efficient web hosting service, all the work done with WordPress will be for nothing..

WordPress Websites

The role of the web hosts is to provide the resources such as the platform, disk space, monthly bandwidth and a domain name. This type of product can be rented in instalments or paid in advanced with pre-determined resources.

Below is a list of the main WordPress web hosting platforms you would need to choose before signing up to a host.

WordPress Web Hosting models:

Standard Shared Linux Web Hosting,

Perfect for beginners and individuals looking to set up a site at an affordable price, this type of hosting is the most common for WordPress. Compared to alternatives, it’s relatively cheap.

Linux WordPress Business Hosting,

Great for businesses looking to expand their market and provides increased technical support for the company. Examples include Ben & Jerry and EBay.

WordPress VPS Hosting

Similar to a dedicated but without the massive costs, this type of hosting is cheap for the types of services it offers, which includes a secure hosting account and guaranteed resources making it an ideal choice for the more demanding WordPress installation.