Meltdown and Spectre: Major Processor Chip Vulnerabilities Can Leave you Open to Attackers

This week has seen a major exploit come to light as 2 hardware vulnerabilities (Meltdown and Spectre) were widely reported in the media. They impact a large number of Intel, AMD and ARM computing processors

Google Penguin Update 4.0 delayed until next year

Google’s latest line of algorithm updates namely Google Penguin Update will be delayed until next year….

How to block unwanted comment spam with WP SpamShield Anti Spam plugin

If your a WordPress user who’s been hit with unwanted spambot comments then WP SpamShield Anti Spam plugin is a must….

Windows 10 revealed, and here’s 10 reasons to snap it up

Windows 10 has been revealed, and here’s 10 reasons why you should snap it up when it hits the shelves….

Facebook Ends the Free Ride for Businesses

Facebook pulled the best practical joke of the internet age:…